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Apr 21, 2011

New Experience (Lani) Stories

Lani born early at age 16. Since then, no longer engage
Lani but raising her daughter named
He Libby. Though this single parent Lani is also energetic and
wise. Consequently, promoted the career of Barry from being staff
being supervisor. Although a lot of things to Barry who were courting
was beautiful and sexy when children, she answered even one
and just directed his attention to work and children. Even
today, 41 years old when he and other managers, many still
wants his heart and his body eye makalaglag
But even without ine-entertain her lover and the former
All is not he interested, others say the body of Barry.
Twenty-one years old that Libby and his son twenty-one years to
was barren. Often the night he feels heat
body just mad he pagpapaligaya itself. And the
when he come out, almost reveal her name man
lust giving him now.
With Reyner.
Reyner's courting with his son Libby. Twenty-five years old
Reyner and working with a good company. Handsome and
Reyner sinewy that type of turn type singer. Jesus Libby
were not interested with Reyner because it possesses a preferred
the work entered. So even some gifts and whatever dry
Reyner's doing, it ignores by Libby.
But also because Barry was Reyner is an Adonis. And every time the
young man's visit to Libby, quietly watching the singer
Reyner while a finger is off enter the jewel wet wet.
Barry's feeling that he must recover the Reyner, you
He felt that the appearance of taking care of the young man enter his
ornament. But even that did not deceitful lust Lani, she still knew
that would be wrong because they do show him any seizure of
lover of children. So quiet the only he pinapaligaya
better yourself because this just happen than have
yet they have child disagreement.
But really nambubuyo destiny.
One day early Lani home he is almost synchronous
Reyner came to assume that all returned home with Libby. When
Lani's say to the Libby or overnight work, the sad
young and hopefully letting singer but invited to attend
first home and juice aside. Nagpaunlak the young man's offer for Barry.
Lani Nagtimpla juice for their two and sit beside
young man. Nagkuwentuhan where they both went the story
Reyner's work. Promoted to supervisor with spade work and Reyner
He plans would tell the happy news to Libby. Overwhelmed
good news Lani and opened wine to celebrate the
good news. Later just two abreast, they do not
still running the story.
Barry noticed that they are compatible by Reyner shovel. Both have
The relevant question who they are looking at Barry's
a male. Reyner He also feels the same shovel to think. Bored
bored shovel it to Libby because he too ignores the
Maid. Unlike Barry's beautiful destination of
They story. At the same time, pumapako often in the eye of Reyner
Barry's legs. Lani turned mini and thighs exposed
exposed to Reyner.
Lani also notice that as the eyes of Reyner and
also feel that the body heating. But even
He feels that the gem is wet strained his
vying for the heat of the body. Lani did excuse to Reyner
But before he can stand seized him with kisses by Reyner
lips. That shock made by Lani Reyner but he relished
kiss the young man. Scented breath of young and hot lips.
Can no longer resist the attraction of Barry feels the
young man so instead will push the fight kiss Reyner Lani.
Creep of the two hands. Penetrate into the hands of Reyner
healthy breast of Barry and Barry's hands grope also of the
Reyner's tough facade. They offer both heating and openness
the blazer is sucked away by Barry Reyner of the breast as a singer
children. Reyner was asked to transfer both her breast
Barry ikinalibog advantage of the hands that were sinasalsal
tough tough taking care of Reyner.
You deceitful in lust, but it was more in the deceit did not lust
Lani. If kangina showed little remaining moral
body, it's gone now and she would recover only
young man. But now that 's also good in mind by Reyner while
hurry to remove the panty singer. When that is removed
Reyner once watched the furry little gem by singer before
who ate it eagerly. Being filled with Barry's perception of the tongue Reyner
He cuts coming in and whom he did not take long. Zest
Reyner to relish the turn when you feel that casts and Lani
especially the tension of this combined diet of Barry puke. After
few minutes of dining, the singer took care of
Reyner and focused on his cuts. New thrust was first observed by
Reyner kakantutin the woman said. Naka-office dress that still Lani
The young man is less ikinalibog which is full force
hardness hardness entered the ward.
Quickly enter the release of Reyner. Being filled with the whole perception of Barry
Reyner taken care of when it comes inside him. Deep
Reyner penetration of doing that with Barry occasionally
He slowly dinadahan to pasabikin Lani, then suddenly again
bibilisan while its singer suck the breast. Because of the speed
events, they reached the room and the sofa they
Later became so that the pump by Reyner. It appears as
face it feels extreme delicacy. This sign near
to bring out more young man who was so ikinalibog singer
whisper it to the ears of the young man not to stop pumping. Reply
The young man near the outlet and it will close its semen
hole at the head of its penis. Lani also answered to "go ahead ...
Just go on ... do not stop ... "
Reyner not prevented by himself. Explode quiet lust
and spout the excessive semen in depth by Lani. Being filled
Barry also felt by every blast of semen inside her which
He also met a burst of Reyner. In every explosive semen
Reyner is also casts with Lani. Only later feel
He filled his chief but was still Reyner not stop
enter and exit the care it is still hard anyway.
Lani recalled he said Reyner and therefore embraced the
Lani strict with Reyner. Soon there came that?
Reyner and singer also felt the outflow of semen by Reyner
from here TAINED the ovary of Lani. Not yet was also stopped and Reyner
already in two other singer explosion before it eventually stopped.
Since then that Libby is not visited by Reyner. When first
pretty nakakahalata with Libby because he is visited by
young man, but okay to Libby because it is loved
He started to pormahan. Soon to be faithful Lani
Libby to marry him wide open Inviting by Reyner. Somewhat of pique
Libby the mother because the age difference but when its to late Reyner
It also accepted the wishes of the mother. Married to Lani
Reyner and became a retainer on the Libby and the new boyfriend it. Because
want to have children soon the two day they nagkakantutan.
The sofa, dining room to the bathroom in the room ... where they overtake
nagkakantutan lust both of them. After a month went home
Reyner was from work and meet the wife and so good
new bathing. That shovel is there good news with his wife Lani.
He finally pregnant. Reyner delight of the husband's kinarga
nagkantutan room where they again until exhausted
Reyner kargadong's semen. They had a son
after nine months and they lived happy.

New Experience (Lani) Stories.


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